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It?s HERE!... YOUR 4honline! If you are currently involved in Cumberland County 4-H as a member or an appointed, screened leader, REGISTER TODAY! Go to It's easy! You can register on any computer or electronic device that has internet access and allows you to type. Let?s have everyone registered on-line by the end of July! Profiles are created by family name and require an active email address. Remember: Enter the grade you just completed in June 2015, not the grade you are entering in the fall. Enter your current 4-H Clubs and projects for this 4-H year, not new clubs you wish to join in the fall. You will get an email saying your membership is ?pending? after you complete the registration process. You will register for clubs and projects in the fall; but the process will be even simpler. Need More Info? Contact

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Cumberland County 4-H Club Exhibit Winners Announced

The Cumberland County 4-H program offers a round of applause and heartfelt thanks to the 4-H members, volunteers, leaders, and parents who made the 2015 Cumberland County Fair a success. The Cumberland County Fair serves as a showcase for 4-H members, highlighting their accomplishments and project work completed throughout the year. 4-H Club Exhibit Awards were announced at the fair opening ceremonies just prior to the parade of 4-H clubs down Clover Lane. 2015 4-H Club Exhibit Awards are as follows:

Project Division Winners Honorable Mention Art, Nature & Gardening 4-H Club : Donna Grasso, 4-H Leader

Reserve Champion Kids Life Skills 4-H Club: Cheryl McCormick 4-H Leader

Grand Champion Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs 4-H Club: Joe Haase 4-H Leader

Educational Division Winners Honorable Mention Pony Pals 4-H Club: Cyndy Hetzel & Denise Smith 4-H Leaders

Honorable Mention Poultry Pride 4-H Club: Terry & Val Hider 4-H Leaders

Reserve Champion On Target 4-H Club: Carl Tozer & Terry Hider 4-H Leaders

Grand Champion Fairway Equestrians 4-H Club, Karen Killeen Colleen Curry 4-H Leaders

Cloverbud Division Honorable Mention Greenwich Clovers 4-H Club: Kelly Fithian, Rachel Orr 4-H Leaders

Reserve Champion Happy Kids 4-H Club: Cheryl McCormick 4-H Leader

Grand Champion Insect Inspectors 4-H Club: Donna Griebau, 4-H Leader

Horse Stall Reserve Champion Trailblazers 4-H Club: Patty Burns, Tara Styring, Susan Callavini 4-H Leaders

Grand Champion Mini Mania 4-H Club: Tammy Tozer & Jenn Lloyd, 4-H Leaders

4-H youth will be formally recognized at the 4-H Achievement Night held in November. 4-H Achievement Night is conducted by the 4-H Leaders Association and designed to recognize youth and adult volunteers. Sponsors are being sought to help underwrite the cost of Achievement Night. For additional information, please contact the 4-H Center at 856-451-2800 ext. 3.


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